New premieres of season 2022/2023


The first premiere of the main stage will take place on 15 October. Henrik Ibsen's drama Hedda Gabler will be performed by Kriszta Székely. On 17 December, the new play Ten Eskimos by Krisztián Grecsó, directed by Gábor Máté, will debut on the main stage. On 22 April the audience will see Jakab Tarnóczi's production of Cherry Orchard by Chekhov - at the Katona.



Tadeusz Słobodzianek's play The Genius, directed by Tamás Ascher, will be performed on 14 October in the Kamra. The play Lonely People, based on Gerhart Hauptmann's drama, will be staged by Jakab Tarnóczi, the premiere will take place on 16 December. On 21 April, the Polish writer Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's play The Water Hen will premiere in the Kamra, directed by Sándor Zsótér.



Yevgeny Griskovec's Winter will be staged by István Dankó on 13 October at Sufni. Also in October, we will be recording a special online performance at Sufni. As part of eSzínház's incubator programme, Péter Nádas's drama Encounter will be directed by Marcell Török. There will be two more premieres in the season, both part of the Sufni project. On 15 December the audience will see Medea, directed by Júlia Bagossy. On 20 April Wolfram Lotz' The Politicians will be staged by Balázs Dohy.

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